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Rise and Phight: 3/21/2022

Hello there, offense

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Toronto Blue Jays v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

While it wasn’t quite the same as Merry Cliffmas, the midnight signing of Nick Castellanos has given a jolt to this fanbase. You don’t see often a collective group of people suddenly see their opinion of a team grow as much as when we all checked our phones Saturday morning, but now that he is in the fold, along with Kyle Schwarber, it has heightened expectations quite a bit.

It’s probably arguable who has the hottest managerial seat in the game, but with the team exceeding the luxury tax for the first time, Joe Girardi’s fanny probably just got a little bit warmer. The ownership group wasn’t going to be break that self-imposed ceiling unless they thought the team had a shot at the postseason, so now the pressure will be on Girardi to help guide the team toward that final destination. It should be interesting.

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