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The Definitive Ranking of the Phillies Jerseys

The Phillies have some of the best jerseys in baseball, but how do they stack up against each other?

Via Getty Images/Jed Jacobsohn

With the MLB season on hold due to the lockout, I figured it would be a good idea to step away from that dread, and have some fun. What could be more fun than ranking the Phillies uniforms from worst to best? Well, talking about real baseball is one thing that comes to mind. However, we have no choice! So, with that said, here is how I tackled this ranking.

In my opinion, the Phillies have one of, if not the best overall set of uniforms in Major League Baseball. I have had countless arguments with friends about this subject (this is what happens when there is no baseball to discuss), so what better to do than make my own ranking? My list is comprised of six Phillies uniforms: the home pinstripes, road grey, 80s powder blue, cream alternates, red alternates, and the all-burgundy throwback. Sorry in advance if I am missing a deep cut that you would prefer be on this list. My list isn’t the right list, it is just my list. With the groundwork set, let’s get started with our “worst” current jersey.

#6- Red Alternates

Now like I previously mentioned, in my eyes, the Phillies don’t have any “bad” jerseys per se. However, I just never saw these uniforms as necessary. They typically are sported on home day games, and there are much better options higher on this list that I am sure you’re thinking of. They give me batting practice jersey vibes, and I honestly think that is what they are. The team equipment manager couldn’t get the other jersey’s ready in time, so this is what the Phillies wear instead. All jokes aside, they are not that bad by any means, but they are the weakest of the Phillies current slate.

Image courtesy of the Phillies

#5- Road Greys

The road grey jerseys have been around since the early 90s, so a staple in the Phillies rotation for over 30 years. They’re simple and solid. Many think they’re boring, but to me the road grey is the “middle child” of the Phillies selection. They are overshadowed by their home options, which is to be expected, but that doesn’t mean that they’re bad. I will never complain about seeing these on a road game under the lights.

Image via Keith Allison, Wikipedia

#4- All-Burgundy

This is where the list gets tricky for me. These top four are all great Phillies threads in my opinion. However, I am sure I lost some of you with this placement. Back in 2019, the Phillies brought these back for the first time since 1979, zippers and all. Greg Luzinski despised them, among other players from that era. I am here to say, that these need to stick around. We have all seen the now iconic photo of Andrew McCutchen in the dugout, with quite possibly the most drip in one picture ever seen on the internet. I promise I am not trolling. It is such a slick look, and perhaps my opinion would change if they wore these more frequently. The novelty hasn’t worn off on me yet, and I am hoping the Phillies keep bringing these bad boys back.

Image courtesy of Rich Schultz/Getty Images

#3- Cream Alternates

The cream alternates are a big fan favorite, and a lot of fans I know have these as their top jersey. These are the typical choice for the home day games, and I see why. The way the sun bounces off them in early April when the season just begins, is a sight for sore eyes. I know number three may seem low, but these are truly great. As previously mentioned, the Phillies have a top tier selection, and they just happen to have two jerseys even better than these beauties.

Yong Kim/Staff Photographer/Philadelphia Inquirer

#2- Home Pinstripes

Ah yes, the home pinstripes. I always say that these are the superior pinstripes in all of baseball, (I am looking at you, Yankees fans) and I am not kidding. This combination is classic. Close your eyes, and picture a cold home playoff game in October, under the lights, and you’re watching the 2008 Phillies go on their World Series run, in the definitive pinstripes of Major League Baseball. The red and white pop off the screen, and it shouldn’t get any better than this. Yet somehow, it does.

Getty Images/Jed Jacobsohn

#1- 80s Powder Blues

This is truly the staple in the closet of the everyday Phillies fan, including me. I went to many games this summer, and the amount of powder blue Harper jerseys I saw each game brought a glimmer to my eye. From Schmidt in the 80s to Harper now, these jerseys are truly amazing. The explosion of powder blue, complimented with the rich hint of maroon, brought together with the classic throwback Phillies logo. One of the best ideas ever was bringing these wonderful jerseys back, and I feel comfortable to say that they are not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Image via Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

There it is! My ranking of the Phillies jerseys. What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Feel free to share your lists, or where I went wrong in the comments. Let’s hope that within the coming weeks, instead of ranking jerseys, we can talk about America’s greatest pastime. Go Phils!