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Players’ union, owners can’t agree to a deal by the Wednesday deadline

It’s decision day

MLB: Lockout The Palm Beach Post-USA TODAY NETWORK

Remember the days of yore, when we had to constantly refresh Twitter feeds to see if packs of wealthy men were traipsing back and forth between groups to see how negotiations were going? We have thankfully been spared of that these past few days of talks, relying simply on the musings of reporters camped outside large buildings in Manhattan to see what their sources were telling them.

There is a pack of fans that is thankful for this information, hoping against hope that something would come to fruition in regards to a negotiation to see if the season could begin with a full 162 game schedule. MLB instituted a Tuesday deadline for these talks to produce a deal in order to get the full slate of games in, then hit the reset button again on that deadline once talks went into the wee hours of the night.

Today was the new deadline!

FOR REAL for real.

Now, we have an outcome. After a few days of mostly veiled talks between the groups, nothing happened.

Except more owner antipathy towards the game.

Well. Here’s to another week of nothing!