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New merch to celebrate the Beef Boys

It’s a glorious time for the team

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Oakland Athletics v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The beginning of the season is a time where we all renew our love of the game, of the team and of the roster that is before us. With the Phillies adding so much talent to the team this year, they are easily starting to become lovable again. The recent past has been lean in terms of players to get attached to, but now, well, they have players we can like.

BreakingT has some merchandise to help you show your love for these players. They’ve released a few awesome shirts to get you ready for the long haul of the season.

Since it’s a midterm election year, what better duo to support than the current MVP and the #BCIB? You can grab this shirt by clicking here.

By now, of course, you are certainly aware of the potency that this lineup possesses thanks to Dave Dombrowski molding the team in a very specific image. What we want to watch all year is very simple: Ball Go Boom. You can grab that shirt by clicking here.

Finally, the MVP. We all know and love Bryce Harper and what better way to make sure that you are sporting the latest thing celebrating the #MV3.

Grab everything you can for this team.