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Hittin’ Season #549: A huge comeback & the Ballad of Alec Bohm

A lot of action was packed into three hours of baseball on Monday night.

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Three errors in the first three innings. A third baseman saying he hates the city he plays in after receiving Bronx cheers. A lifeless offense suddenly comes alive with a dramatic late-inning comeback. Said third baseman owns up to his frustration moment and wins back the love of a fanbase who is more than willing to listen to people say they hate them. Mets pitchers dropping like flies and their manager not realizing one of them was hurt.

Just another typical Phillies vs. Mets baseball game.

Last night the Phils did something they hadn’t done in a few years.

That’s right, last night’s comeback was their biggest late-inning deficit since Harper’s insane salami against the Cubs that launched a thousand ships.

Little known fact: The two corner outfielders for the Cubs on the night of Harper’s slam were Kyle Schwarber in left and Nick Castellanos in right. Schwarber actually recorded the only out of the 9th when he hauled in a lead-off fly out, and Castellanos gunned down Rhys Hoskins at the plate the inning before.

Last night, Schwarber drove in the first of the Phils’ five runs with an RBI force out and scored on J.T. Realmuto’s two-run homer, and Castellanos scored the game-tying run on Hoskins’ RBI double.

Full circle.

But the night also saw its share of drama, as the Ballad of Alec Bohm unfolded. He committed three errors in the first three innings and was seen muttering to teammate Didi Gregorius that he “[bleeping] hates this place.” Internet sleuths deduced what he said and, after the game, Bohm owned up to it.

And now, in true Philadelphia fashion, we love him for admitting that he said he hated us.

On the latest episode of Hittin’ Season, Justin Klugh, Liz Roscher and I broke down every facet of last night’s wild ride, and wondered where the heck the Phils’ alternate cream uniforms are (doin’ great, Fanatic!) and whether they’re better than the traditional home pinstripes.

Tune in!