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Not smashing the bell yet: Marlins 11, Phillies 3

Wheeler was not wheeling and dealing

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Miami Marlins Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

All Phillies fans had a good amount of hope and excitement for today’s game in Miami after a stellar 11 hit and 10-run performance the night before. Although, the Phillies play the usual and common card and lose a series to the Marlins once again. Not what anyone was expecting but, the recent history of these two teams playing each other would prove that otherwise.

The game started pretty early for the Marlins as they get 4 hits in the 2nd inning off Zack Wheeler, 2 of those being triples and the other 2, singles. The whole series the speed of both Jesus Sanchez and Jazz Chisholm proved to be really fruitful for this Marlins squad. The Marlins had a ton of good at bats and really took what the Phillies pitching staff was offering them. To try and keep it on the positive side of things, the Phillies bullpen is still looking pretty strong and solid.

To shift gears to what the Phillies offense did, a couple Phillies players had a good series. Some of those being Castellanos, Harper, Bohm and you can say DiDi too but, baseball is a team sport and we need everyone or, a good portion of these guys clicking. Over this series, the Phillies were just trying to smash the ball instead of just taking pitches and trying to their right one.

The whole game the Marlins were just getting good looks and they were converting. They weren’t trying to go deep on every single pitch. Out of their 13 total hits against us, 5 of them were singles which led to runs. They don’t have much power in that lineup outside of Aguilar and Soler which proves the point that you don’t have to have a lot of power in your lineup to score a good amount of runs every night.

Bryce Harper is starting to pick it up a bit as he went 3-5 today with a homerun, a double and single. He came into the game batting .156 and now he is at .216, we should see that number gradually climb. Schwarber, not batting leadoff, went deep today, really good to see him being productive out of that lead off spot.

Wheeler in his two outings thus far in the new season has been not what we are used to. He has only pitched a combined 7.2 innings over his 2 starts, he has allowed 10 hits, 8 earned runs, he has walked 4 batters and he only struck out 6 which is really uncharacteristic for him. Girardi after the game reiterated the fact that this is still spring training for Wheeler as he still needs time to get his full velocity back and also his command as well.

The Phillies should be a lot better than this. The stats and the history show that the worse the Phillies start the season the better the outcome is at the end of the season. Every time the Phillies start out hot, it proves to be nothing at the end of the season so, maybe this slow start could be good news for the Phillies or is that just superstition?