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Rise and Phight: 4/22/22

An off day? What’s that?

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MLB: APR 19 Phillies at Rockies Photo by Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Phillies had their first off day of the season yesterday and you probably didn’t miss them. They’ve been equal parts entertaining and frustrating to watch so far this year, partially due to their offense, the topic of much excitement this offseason, hasn’t really gotten going yet.

We all knew heading into the season that this lineup is constructed with players that are the epitome of streaky. We’ve all had to endure the parts where Rhys Hoskins gets hot for days, only to go ice cold for equally long period of time. Bryce Harper largely avoided such streaks last season, but prior to that, he was also known as a player who could get frigid at the plate as well. When the team signed Kyle Schwarber, one of the first things that people took note of is how cold he could actually get. Prior to his home run hitting tear he was in Washington before he got hurt, Schwarber had a stretch where he went 3 for 29 with a .413 OPS over nine games.

The players looked like they needed a day as well, not even getting an off day on a cross country trip after a tough Miami series. They won’t have another day off until May 2, so hopefully they used the time off wisely.

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