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Here is the Phillies’ Opening Day roster

This team is going to the playoffs

Philadelphia Phillies v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Let’s not bury the lede here. The Phillies have made their roster:

Not a ton of surprises, but there are some observations:

  • If this team can get even an average performance out of their bullpen, they look primed to win 90 games or more. The rotation might take some time to get up their normal innings patterns, but they’re five deep of at least average pitching. Zack Wheeler at the top is a Cy Young contender, Aaron Nola has looked good this spring and Ranger Suarez might be a breakout candidate.
  • The Bohm/Stott dynamic is going to be very interesting to watch in the early weeks. However, the team plays it, they need to make sure that both of these guys are getting regular time. That might mean Didi Gregorius is getting a seat every few days, the same reasoning applying to Jean Segura. As long as everyone is hitting, they should be ok with giving guys time off at the start of the year.
  • Going back to the bullpen, Seranthony Dominguez is the real wild card here. Corey Knebel looks to be a solid acquisition, but he can’t be the only shutdown guy they use out of there. Even if Brad Hand bounces back a bit, he isn’t a shutdown reliever anymore. Of all the arms to start the season, Dominguez possesses the stuff to come in and be lights out with any consistency. If he’s going good to begin, Joe Girardi might lean on him a bit in the early going until the other options establish themselves.

Things will change, of course, but as of now, this is probably the best Opening Day roster they’ve trotted out in some time. Now they just need to win!