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TGP predicts the 2022 MLB season

Who will look the smartest at season’s end?

MLB: Spring Training-Detroit Tigers at Philadelphia Phillies Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

We here at TheGoodPhight pride ourselves on only making the smartest and BEST picks. Fortunately, the TGP are never wrong because one of us is usually right! It is time for us to submit our formal season predictions for both the 2022 MLB season and some random Phillies related nonsense. I promise to circle back to these following the season, so please drop yours in the comments so you can see how well you did. Without anything further...

Playoff Teams

There are a couple of brave souls that aren’t afraid to admit that the Phillies will be the supreme leaders of the NL East universe (pops collar). Though most will admit that the Phillies will at least make the playoffs. Brewers, Dodgers, White Sox and Blue Jays are some of the overwhelming favorites to win their respective divisions.

Playoff Outcomes

Yes...I was brave enough to pick a rematch of the 1993 World Series because ‘why not’? Dodgers and Blue Jays seem to be the most popular picks which shouldn’t surprise anyone given that both teams are absolutely stacked. Kudos to Allie for the stealth Mariners pick.

End of Season Awards

Most of TGP expects a decent amount of hardware for the Phillies between all 3 awards. The Phillies haven’t had a Rookie of the Year winner since Ryan Howard. Can Stott or Vierling break the drought?

Phillies Predictions

Finally our Phillies predictions! These tend to be the most fun to follow (and get hilarious wrong). You have to love the range of guesses for the closer by the end of the season because it could literally be anyone (or anything)!