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Gamethread 5/3: Rangers at Phillies

It’s been a while since Texas has been here

Texas Rangers v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It’s been quite the long while since the Rangers have visited Philadelphia for a baseball game. See that picture at the top? Yeah, those are from the “Roy Oswalt is a Phillie” days. The other options include a diving Raul Ibanez if that helps with your frame of reference.

Tonight, they’ll face each other in a battle of teams that are slightly underwhelming to begin the year. We all know about Philadelphia’s issues, but Texas has had some issues of their own, namely one of their big money free agents isn’t hitting the ball at all. Marcus Semien has been pretty bad so far, but let’s hope he doesn’t get started until after they leave the city.

Here are the lineups. For the Phillies:

After several tries, the Phillies finally have a lineup. It’s Ranger Suarez time tonight. Let’s hope he can get out of the fifth inning because it’s now May and he should be pretty much done “spring training”.

For the Rangers:

Jon Gray is back for Texas, but sadly, no Bamboo Brad.

Let’s talk about it.