Pitching vs Hitting

There is an old adage in baseball that rings true after the last two disasters against the Mets. "Good pitcher beats good hitting every time." I think the Phillies need to rethink the way this team is built. I do not see them being able to beat the Mets, Brewers, and Dodgers with the pitching they currently have. They should keep a close eye on how Moniak recovers from his hand injury. If he is able to return to the form he had in Spring Training, I suggest we trade Schwarber for a top-notch starting pitcher. Schwarber is just too inconsistent. He reminds me of Lee May with the Orioles. He can go on a tear and hit a whole bunch of home runs in a short stretch. But, he can also go o for a very long stretch and his average is likely going to be below .250. The best fit for a trade like this may be the Brewers. Moniak may give us almost as much hitting as Schwarber, with the benefit of better defense in left field. Verling appears to be coming around and probably should be the center fielder most of the time. We may also need to take a look at trading some of the players with contracts that end after 2022 for more pitching in the bullpen. If Stott continues to shine at AAA, he may need to become the SS or 2B. If I am correct both DiDi and Segura's contracts are up at the end of this year. So is Gibson. By the way, has anyone noticed the odd way Segura is holding the bat lately? I think by tilting the bat so far forward in his stance, he is not able to get a level swing on a lot of balls. This is resulting in far more missed balls and a much lower batting average. He is a tough guy to have to part with, but, if Segura's hitting continues to fade, the Phillies may have to make a change by the end of 2022 at 2B.