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Rise and Phight: 6/1/2022

Let’s get this figured out

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MLB: San Francisco Giants at Philadelphia Phillies Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the umpires in the game made a call that almost cost the Phillies a run. With the bases loaded, J.T. Realmuto hit a ball to shortstop that was flipped to second, then on to first late, scoring a run for the Phillies. The umpire at second, though, signaled runner interference on Rhys Hoskins, negating the run and calling Realmuto out at first. It was overturned and turned out to be a huge play for the team.

The call was just horrendous and should have never been made in the first place. At some point, these umpires need to be held accountable for calls like that, even if they’re overturned on replay. These are the best of the best games of baseball and need to be officiated by the best. If someone is clearly not able to be one of those best, they need to be sent out.

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