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Jean Segura breaks his finger, out for a while

More will be known soon

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Philadelphia Phillies Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies haven’t had a lot of good news lately and the little they’ve had hasn’t lasted long. In May, they had two (2) solid hitters that led the offense in Bryce Harper and Jean Segura. Everyone else was just average.

Really, go look it up.

Now, they’re bad news just got worse. Attempting to bunt last night, Jean Segura took a ball off of his finger. That was bad. It got worse when he immediately took himself out of the game, knowing that something was wrong. After the game, it was confirmed that something was definitely wrong.


There are some ways to fill in for Segura during however long he’ll be out, but none of them are all that appealing. Bryson Stott could shift over to second base, but his offense has been untenable. Stott could stay at shortstop and Johan Camargo could move to second base, the likeliest option of them all. The team could look at Didi Gregorius, who has begun his rehab assignment with a bang, and decide to bring him back a little earlier.

None of these, though, are better than having Segura in the lineup. He’s been one of their better hitters during his tenure here and he is their best infield defender. Losing him for an extended time is going to do some damage to whatever playoff hopes this team has left.

We’ll update this story as more is known.