Very Disapointed

This team was built to hit? They have been shut out at least 5 times and not hit once. What is up with that. The few games they seem to win are when they situational hit. However, most of the time they swing for the fences, strikeout, or hit into inning killing double plays. Now we lose the only player that was situational hitting consistently, Segura. I do not know who they plan to replace Segura with. For now, I would bring up Maton. Let us hope Monika helps. He has to help defensively in Center Field. The defense has always been Herrera's weakness. Quinn's hitting is questionable at best. We need to get Verling back on track. They had him mess with something in his hitting in spring training that has backfired. He needs to go back to what he did last year. Spray hit the ball to all fields. Foe Quinn to hit, he must hit balls on the ground. The first four starters have been good, except for Nola giving up too many two-strike home runs. Gibbson has shown he has trouble every fourth inning and the second time around in the order. I think Falter should be brought up to be the fifth starter and Gibbson moved to long relief. The bullpen walks way too many batters. Nick Nelson probably should go in order for Gibson to be moved to long (three-inning relief. Brad Hand has to throw more strikes. So does Familia. Knebel has to find command of his curveball. Too many hanging curves and walks. Norwood has to get more batters out. Dominguez has been the most consitant. Right now he probably would be a better closer than Knebel until Knebel gets command of his curveball back. On the bright side, Bohm has been far better than expected. Both his hitting and defense are much better. Stott should hit better if he gets back to situational hitting and hitting the ball to left field more often.