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Feels Good to Win One: Phillies 6, Giants 5

The Phillies battle and snap the 5 game losing streak

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

After what felt like ages, the Phillies finally snap their 5 game losing streak. On a night where they promoted an exciting film, the Phillies looked rejuvenated. The ball was flying out of the ball-park and the bullpen came in and did their jobs. No bad luck struck the Phillies except for a shaky 6th inning from Nola which we will dive into later. Girardi managed well; he didn’t have any crucial mistakes that costed the Phillies a win. The Phillies still have some work laid out for them but, it was good to give the fans on this humid night some good and exciting baseball.

Nola took the mound today looking to have a similar outing from his Braves start in which he went 8.1 innings, allowed only 1 run and he struck out 10. Although, Nola didn’t have that type of start. He was very successful tonight up until his 6th inning where he allowed 5 runs, 3 of those runs being a 3 run shot from Flores and he allowed 5 straight batters to get on base. Up until then Nola was dealing. He was cruising with only 1 hit allowed and was having a very efficient start. As a fanbase, we still should give Nola a thumbs up for this outing even though the offnese stole most of the show.

The scoring started with a few bloops into center that would go on to score 2 runs for the Phillies. The Phillies would carry that lead until the 6th when Nola ran into some trouble. But, thank the baseball gods for Nick Maton who would launch one over the right field wall which would make it a 5 to 4 ballgame.

Soon after that, Schwarber would be jealous of Matons moonshot that he decides to pop one out for himself, putting the Phillies in the lead for the rest of the game.

After some nice innings by Hand and Sanchez, they would hand over the game to Knebel in the top of the 9th. At this very moment everyone at the ballpark and the folks watching at home, would experience some dropping of their heart as Knebel started to pitch. Turns out, he did just fine and closed it out.

With the losing streak snapped, the Phillies look to put some wins together and hopefully get back on their feet and make a run.