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New merchandise from BreakingT

They’re pretty good

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Since the firing of Joe Girardi, the Phillies have taken off. Rob Thomson has won nine of ten with this team and there really is no doubt that a different vibe has set in around the organization. Looser, less tense, whatever you want to call it, something is definitely different. A lot of this turnaround has been because of Thomson doing the wise thing and letting the kids play. Bryson Stott, Mickey Moniak, Matt Vierling, they’ve all been contributors in some way to this recent run of success. “Phillies Daycare” has been created and is taking off.

Not only that, the reigning MVP, Bryce Harper, has gotten hot again and led the team in hitting during the same time. Harper’s 2021 season is now stuff of record and legend, but he has begun building his case to be a repeat winner of the prestigious award.

To celebrate both of these things, BreakingT has created two new shirts to honor them.

These are really cool shirts that are going to be perfect for this summer.

You can click here to buy these, and other, shirts available from BreakingT.