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Corbin burns: Phillies 10, Nationals 1

Kyle Schwarber and the Phillies demolished Patrick Corbin and the Nationals

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals
What’s better than one Kyle Schwarber home run? TWO Kyle Schwarber home runs!
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday’s game was a dramatic affair, with the Phillies down to their last strike before emerging with an improbable victory. Thursday night’s contest was far less dramatic, as the Phillies offense - led by Kyle Schwarber’s two home runs - clobbered Nationals starter Patrick Corbin and came away with an easy 10-1 win.

The Nationals signed Corbin prior to the 2019 season, and he helped carry them to a World Series. I’m sure the Nationals don’t want a do-over on the deal, but he’s been so awful since then, that a feeling of regret has to be creeping in.

He actually retired the first eight batters he faced on Thursday. And he should have retired the ninth if not for an error by former Phillie Cesar Hernandez. And that is when things went a little sideways.

First, Kyle Schwarber did this:

And then the floodgates opened. Nick Castellanos drove in a run, J.T. Realmuto drove in another, Didi Gregorius got two more home, and finally the Phillies added another thanks to another error, giving them a 7-0 lead.

Corbin remained in the game the following inning, which was just fine for Schwarber.

That was his seventh home run of the month - and its only June 16! In 16 days' time, he’s gone from a disappointment to a potential All-Star.

Normally, Zack Wheeler’s seven inning, one-run performance might have been a bigger story, but we shouldn’t overlook how easily he cruised through the Nationals’ lineup. Josh Bell tagged him for a solo home run, but the Nats never really threatened to score aside from that.

With a large lead, the Phillies felt comfortable removing Wheeler and giving both Michael Kelly and Jose Alvarado an inning of work. Fortunately, neither man made them regret that decision.

These teams are back at it for a day-night doubleheader on Friday. The bad news is that none of these runs carry over. The good news is, the Nats’ other starters aren’t necessarily better than Corbin, so by the time the day is over, Schwarber’s Player of the Month candidacy might be even stronger.