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Nola was good, but Nola was better: Padres 1, Phillies 0

Brother beats brother

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

You have to admit, Aaron Nola looks like he’s back in his ace-like form. His last three starts have seen him throw 23 innings, allowing only two runs on 15 hits, a measly walk while striking out 20. When he gets locked in, he’s extremely good. Last night against the Padres, he was locked in again, striking out ten over seven innings and only allowing one run.

The problem is that one run was enough to defeat the Phillies.

Mackenzie Gore and the Padres’ bullpen kept the Phillies offense at bay, shutting them out on only five hits. The reason why this was such a disappointment was the team had their chances to score, yet couldn’t grab that big hit to knock in runs. In the third inning, they loaded the bases with two out and Bryce Harper at the plate only to see him hit a lazy fly ball to end the threat. Right back again in the fourth, they had two on and two out, only for Johan Camargo to meekly ground into a force out. Even at the end of the game, they loaded the bases yet again against closer Taylor Rogers, bringing Kyle Schwarber up. He had a pitch to hit too, but hit a can of corn flyball to center to end the threat and the game.

Meanwhile, the Padres were just as helpless at the plate, but were able to push at least one across. In the sixth, Nola gave up a one out double to Eric Hosmer, bringing his brother Austin to the plate. The Phillies would have liked their chances here, but on this occasion, Austin bested Aaron, lacing an 0-2 fastball into right to score the Padres’ lone, and winning, run.

It was a frustrating night, but some positives can be taken away. Aaron Nola was spectacular, giving the team another great performance. Jose Alvarado was good out of the ‘pen, hopefully getting something started for his own well-being.

They go back at it again tonight.