Patience when batting

The Phillies need to be more patient when batting. They need to do a better job of picking up the spin n the ball and lay off breaking pitches outside the strike zone, especially on the first pitch. Instead, they should be looking for a pitch than can hit in the strike zone. With two strikes, they need to spread out their stance like Harper and look to put the ball in play. Work on hitting the ball up the middle and the other way, and stop trying to pull everything for home runs. Being over-anxious at the plate is what caused Moniak to be sent down. With Harper out, we will need him to stay within himself and contribute. Stott needs to take the approach of trying to hit balls up the middle and the other way unless he gets a fat pitch to pull for power. If he keeps swinging at bad pitches and trying to pull everything, he will be lucky to hit.200 The team will need to work on situational hitting and need everyone contributing to winning without Harper.