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Two Phillies make the National League All-Star team

Snubs, snubs, snubs

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

We already knew that Bryce Harper was going to be voted to the All-Star game this year in Los Angeles. Though he is currently recovering from thumb surgery, the fans saw how good his year has been and rightly named him to the All-Star game as a starter at designated hitter. Today, we found out who might be there as well representing the Phillies.

It was first revealed that Kyle Schwarber was named as a reserve for the game. After hitting his 28th home run on the season on Sunday, it was simply a matter not of if Schwarber would be named, but when he was named during the show on ESPN. His month long tear that he went on during June ended any questions people may have had about him, Schwarber has simply continued hitting well into July, leading the team in Harper’s absence.

Who didn’t make it, though overwhelmingly deserving, were Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola. Both pitchers have been outstanding, but ultimately didn’t make the team because of....reasons? I don’t know.

Teams needing a representative coupled with a ton of pitchers deserving nods this year cost the duo a spot, but in the end, one of them is likely to head to Los Angeles once injury replacements and those who start in the days before the game are announced. Just stinks that they weren’t given the initial honor.

Congratulations to both Harper and Schwarber for, as of now, being the Phillies that will be representing the team in Los Angeles.