"Obviously, my teammates know how I feel about them"

Obviously they must, after J.T. Realmuto came clean about his self-imposed restriction that takes him out of the next series. That's because, again quoting, "I'm not going to let Canada tell me what to do".

Say WHAT??

This has to be the most selfish, unsportsmanlike comment I've ever seen. Here's an everyday starter throwing a narcissistic tantrum and to hell with what it costs his team. Yes we have no doubt your teammates know how you feel about them after this petulant display. You know, those teammates who get told what to do as far as wearing a uniform, showing up on time, curfews, all that "tell me what to do" stuff that they do and you do too? Until now?

This just in: Canada also requires a passport. No doubt J.T. doesn't have one of those either since that's "telling me what to do". Of all the egocentric meltdowns, you'd think a guy who isn't afraid to crouch behind the plate taking foul balls and hard slides, wouldn't be afraid of a tiny needle. You'd think.

But no, you'd be wrong.

Along with Realmuto, Alec Bohm, Aaron Nola and Kyle Gibson are also unvaccinated. The latter two are pitchers and don't play every day and Gibson alone, far as I know, has described a medical complication reasoning. Bohm has not elaborated on his reasoning but absent a good reason as Gibson has cited, this "waaah I don't wanna needle" song and dance makes Garry Templeton's "If I ain't startin' I ain't departin'" whine sound trivial in its egocentrism.

We should just trade J.T. right now, preferably to the Blue Jays just for the entertainment, or at least to the American League East. See if he "won't let Canada tell me what to do" then. What a wimp. This is poison to team spirit, and the team should not put up with it.