Phillies pitchers not on All Star Team is a blessing

With Wheeler and Nola not going to the All-Star game, this allows the Phillies to start the second half with the best pitchers line up. Wheeler should be the first Phillie to start after the all-star break followed by Nola. If Effin is ready, he should be third. Those three pitchers should be able to give the Phillies 7 innings at most every start. That will give the Phillies a chance to keep the best of the bullpen working to win games late. Ranger Suarez should be the fourth starter out of the gate and Gibbson the fifth. The Phillies could use an extra long man in the pen that could help Nelson when a starter gets in trouble early. I think they should try to trade Camargo and Familia to try to obtain another longer reliever that can throw strikes and cover three or more innings. I do not want to see the Phillies trade Moniak, Stott, Verling, Hall, or a young pitcher for a rental player at the trade deadline. Players they best could afford to trade are Camaro and Familia. The only prospect that I can see possibly trading is logan O'Hoope because the Phillies have two strong catchers right now plus Marchan. Realmuto, Stubbs, and Marchan offer above-average speed as well.