Time to try to upgrade pitching and mabye Andrew Benintendi

The Phillies need at least one more starting pitcher. It may be tough to get one. Pitchers that need to go and be replaced are Gibbson and Familia. Possible additional players we could trade are Camargo, Gregorius, Herrera, O'Hoppe, and Hans Crouse. If we are looking to do a blockbuster deal, may we could move Castellanos in order to get a top pitcher and then trade some of the above for another outfielder. Andrew Benintendi would be a good fit if we trade Castellanos for a top pitcher. If we get Benintendi, the Phillies could put him in right until Harper returns. If he can play center, we might be able to platoon him there with Verling after Harper returns. He could play left when the Phillies want to rest Schwarber or as a late-inning defensive replacement after Harper returns. The Phillies could also rotate Harper, Schwarber, and Hall at DH and use Hall to give Hoskins a rest against tough right-hand pitchers. Schwarber needs to work on shorting up on two strike swings instead of always swing for the fench. With two strikes, he needs to work on get singles or working walks to get his average and OPS up. He also needs to work on slaping the ball to left field with two strikes when they play the shift against him.