Trade with the Rockies: Buy low on an SP and CF

So two of the biggest issues we know is needing a real CF and another SP because of injuries/inconsistency from the bottom of the rotation. Iv’e been mostly unimpressed by many of the mock trades fans have brought up on Twitter, and I think I have come up with a great buy low option for us that would solve our issues without having to give up too many prospects. Now with Vierling hitting well you might think CF is not as big of an issue, but I feel like this CF I have in mind could be as good if not a better AVG hitter with elite defensive capabilities. I’m a bit less certain on the type of package we would have to offer to get these two guys, but I do not think it would take much and would love to hear people’s opinions on it. Plus, Rockies may likely be sellers based on their record and how they approached their team construction this previous off-season.

Now finally, the two players I am looking to get from the Rockies are German Marquez and Yonathan Daza.

Let us start with Marquez. So, Marquez has been in the league for several years now and has been a very solid starter; however, if you look at his stats this year, he is not doing so well. He has a 5.47 ERA with 18 home runs surrendered in 18 starts. But, I think this plays into the receiving team’s favor in a trade as there is a great chance at a buy low while he has the worst season in his 6 year career. Furthermore, there is a lot pointing to Marquez being able to turn things around. First, Marquez has had a much better go of it in his last 8 starts dating back to June 7th. Scouts have also always loved his stuff, sporting a 5 pitch mix including a mid 90s fastball. Lastly, he will also get the added benefit of not only a change of scenery, but a move away from one of the least friendly pitchers parks in Coors Field. If Marquez can get pulled out of the thin air of the Rocky Mountains for nearly half his starts, his performance could improve dramatically. Also, Marquez is also under contract for the 2023 season and is only 27 years old, so he will not be a half season rental and if he plays well we could resign him while he is on the right side of 30.

Now let us look at Yonathan Daza. He is not a flashy guy, but he seems to have a very high floor and while he does have flaws, his strengths are areas where the Phillies need to improve. His two biggest areas are his contact and fielding. While a smaller sample size of at bats, it appears he has the potential to hit between a .280 and .300 AVG. Now this is only his second full major league season, and he only played a little over 100 games last season and will probably be around that same mark again, but scouts find that he has a patient approach and great contact skills. His power is basically non-existent, but with a team that already has good power and is a little lacking in the contact department, I feel like he would be a great option in the 8 or 9 hole to try to get on base for the likes of Schwarbs at the top of the lineup. Now he other great skills Daza brings us his defense. While he is prone to some mental errors occasionally, he is far better than the likes of Vierling and the abomination that is Odubel in center. He has above average speed and makes good routes, so he can make more than just the routine out. He also has a cannon for an arm to match his 6 foot 2 inch frame that can make base runners think twice about reaching for that extra base. Also most importantly, he can actually play center field naturally and won’t be forced into that spot. Lastly, in regards to price, I do not think the Rockies would want that much in return. For a losing team in the NL West that had an offseason like they had, they are likely sellers. And Daza is not a cornerstone of their team either. With options in Blackmon, Bryant, Grichuk, Connor Joe and Garrett Hampson, Colorado is not in need of outfield depth.

All in all, I think that these two guys are reasonable options that the Phillies can look at to greatly benefit the team without having to give up much. Neither of them may be studs, but Marquez could seriously improve given his experience and a move away from Colorado, and Daza fixes a lot of our defensive and on base concerns despite not having any pop in his bat. As I said before, I am not sure what kind of offer the Rockies would need, but I do not think it would take too much. I would prefer to keep Painter and Abel off the table and don’t think they would be necessary anyways, but maybe offering a package of Hans Crouse, Ethan Wilson, Rafael Marchan and some cash could do the trick? I could easily be undervaluing what the Rockies would want in return, but please let me know of what you think of this potential trade.