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Phillies trade rumor roundup

As we see it, we’ll post and comment on it

MLB: Houston Astros at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline approaches. The Phillies have many needs, which in no particular order include:

  • starting pitching
  • a center fielder
  • another relief pitcher
  • maybe another bat off the bench

There have been rumors out there, so as we see them, we’ll throw them up here to discuss. If you see one, post it in the comments and talk amongst yourselves. Let’s see what we can find.

This was from yesterday and apparently is still true. The Reds have a high bounty on Mahle, so it makes sense what Stark says about the pitchers. The part about O’Hoppe and Brown, though, don’t make much sense here. You have to give a bit to get and they both are depth to a point.

Matt Vierling is making it work out in center field, but getting a defensive star makes the most sense for this team at the deadline. If the guy can also contribute offensively, that’s a bonus.

Not really a trade, but this one is interesting nonetheless. Apparently, according to Matt Gelb, Sherriff's velocity wasn't really where the team wanted it to be, so they moved on and opened up a roster spot. Doing so could mean a whole lot of other things - an impending trade, roster cleanup, etc., but couple this one with the fact that they traded Jojo Romero, suddenly they're not so deep in left handed relief pitching.

Does this mean Erik Miller is closer than we think?

Does it mean Bailey Falter can move back to the bullpen if a starter is agreed upon in a deal?

Time will tell.