Schwarber Disapoints as lead off hitter

For Schwarber continues to be disappointing as a leadoff hitter. He swings for a home run on almost every swing. That result in too many strikeouts and pop-ups. A lead-off hitter's job is to get on base to get things going. Unless Schwarber walks or gets a home run or double, he fails far more times than not at getting on base. I think Jean Segura should be moved to lead off and Schwarber should be moved down in the order to seventh in most cases. Only when Schwarber is red hot like in June should he be considered for batting as a lead-off hitter. This team needs more situational hitting which Schwarber rarely does. Moving Segura should get more men on base for the middle of the order to drive in. This is especially important now with the starting pitchers struggling without Wheeler. The starters need to go at least 6 innings. When they do not it hurts the bullpen's performance. Hopefully getting Seranthony Dominguez back to close will help the bullpen get back into roles where they do well.