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The Good Phight is hiring people to write words for money

Hey you. Yes, you. Would you like people to read your words about the Phillies? Well come along!

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Hello, dear friend.

If you are reading this, likely you are looking to join our merry band of writers. It’s been a delightful few months in the land of Phillies and the team is suddenly fun to write about again! Years of wandering through the wilderness of incompetence and neglect have led us to where we are now - National League champions.

That means, in 2023, the team will be playing as defending champions of the league. Each National League team will be gunning to knock them off, so there promises to be exciting times in the weeks ahead. We’re going to cover all of it, so why not join us!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Ethan, what exactly are you looking for?” Well, I am glad you asked, friend. Glad you asked...

What positions are you hiring for?

  • ONE writer able to commit to writing at least one game recap on any weekend day/night of the season. It can be Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday. Recaps will also be available during the week, but the weekend games are the ones we’re specifically looking to add for.
  • ONE features writer. I don’t really know how to define something like this, so this is what I am going to call it. Like all roles on staff, there is the additional possibility of the occasional recap. This typically will require 1-2 articles per week, depending on length and depth of research needed.

Could we hire more? Of course! But if you were wondering SPECIFICALLY what we are looking at bringing aboard, these descriptions would be the best ways to describe them.

That sounds cool and all, but also like work. What does it pay?

Here is where things get a little uncomfortable. If you are looking to join TGP as a way to make a living, I have bad news.

You won’t.

Instead of that, were you to be the one of the ones chosen, we offer a monthly stipend for your contributions. If you like to buy coffee with a fair amount of frequency, think of this as your coffee spending money. If you are a person that needs a little bit more specificity, this is a contract position with a monthly rate based on an agreed number of article(s) per week, at a minimum of $50 per month, with the possibility of more based on what you are able to commit to.


There are a lot of readers out there that would love to see your writing. Beyond that, many TGP writers have gone on to work elsewhere in baseball, as writers, analysts, and/or staff on behalf of MLB teams on both the Baseball Ops and PR/Media side of things. Writing for TGP means exposure to people in the game and who wouldn’t want that?

We hope to be that avenue to help aspiring writers reach their goals that they have in mind.

Okay... so what should I send in? And where?

You’ve made it this far and are still interested? <rubs hands together> I like the cut of your gib. Here is what you can send to show that you’re a candidate.

  • FOR RECAP POSITION: This is the most basic thing that we have available. Here is the link to a game from 1997. Watch it, recap it and send it in. Why did I choose this seemingly meaningless game from 1997? First, there is no such thing as a meaningless game from the Phillies. Second, it’s because there is a part where Harry Kalas says “Mickey Morandini” and that makes me happy. Plus, recaps are recaps. You’re pretty much telling me what’s happening in a game.
  • FOR FEATURES-FOCUSED POSITION: A piece you’ve written that you feel best showcases your writing style, but also is based on the game of baseball. It can be Phillies-centered (that’s probably your best bet), but that topic isn’t required. If you haven’t really written anything before that centers completely on the Phillies, but still talks about baseball, it could be something submitted for class, published on your personal blog, heck, even posted here as a FanPost (pro tip: we love hiring from FanPosts!). Bonus points if it demonstrates your areas of interest or expertise.

Feel free to include links/attachments of up to three pieces or writing/work you feel give a good representation of yourself. At least one should be baseball or sports-related if that’s not covered in your initial application, but don’t feel like that’s all you can send us. Are you writing about something else, maybe a film review? We’ll take it!

What if I’m interested in multiple roles?

Great! Everyone here helps out across the board, in different avenues of coverage of the team, and it is easy to expand to writing more: a features writer can of course sign up for recaps, a minors writer can hop in for a recap, etc. These two “positions” are the backbone of our site and what we are looking to add. If you have more to offer, great.

I’m interested, but I don’t have any background in sports writing/I don’t know what all those stats mean/I can’t tell you who won the World Series in 1926/etc etc etc

Listen, not all people are going to be well versed in the benefits of having a strikeout rate in high teens as opposed to in the thirties as a hitter. Baseball is a game for everyone, regardless of background, and sometimes, we could all use a different perspective on the game we love. We here at The Good Phight are a welcoming band of merry writers. So please, no matter your race, gender, orientation, etc., we just want to have your perspective not only on the Phillies, but on baseball, on life, everything.

When is the deadline to apply?

Please try and send us your application by January 31, 2023. We’re looking to get some people on board as spring training comes into focus, so we’re looking to add people and have them on board by the end of the month. To apply, click on this link and fill out the application, as well as upload your work, prior the deadline.

Thank you for your interest and go Phillies!