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Rise and Phight: 1/25/2023

Rolen into Cooperstown

Florida Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Scott Rolen was indeed selected to the Hall of Fame last night, scraping past the 75% threshold by the skin of his teeth. He’s not sure what cap he’ll wear on his plaque, but let’s be honest with ourselves: he should be going in as a member of the Cardinals.

Sure he won the Rookie of the Year here in Philadelphia and was actually, by WAR, a better player here than anywhere else, but the acrimonious nature of his time and departure probably makes that decision a little easier than he’s letting on. Of course he’s going to say he doesn’t know when asked in the moment, but time for reflection and clarity of thought should be easy for Rolen. Go in as a Cardinal.

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