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BreakingT has a new shirt that you should get

What a shirt...

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Philadelphia has always been known as a notoriously tough place to play. Whatever the sport you choose to look at, the crowds around Philadelphia have garnered a reputation for being difficult to perform in front of, whether you are a member of the home team or visiting from another city. There’s no reason to rehash all of the things that the lame national media chooses to dredge up. However, if you watched the playoffs for baseball this fall, you noticed how hard it was for other teams to play here.

The other day, Rob Thomson relayed a story about how one opposing team mentioned to him that playing here was akin to playing in somewhere a tad....warmer.

“After everything was over, World Series was done, I got a phone call from a friend of mine who was coaching with another team that we’d played in the playoffs. We were just talking about the games we played and all that, things that went on. I said, ‘What did you think about the atmosphere in the Bank?’ And he said, ‘You know, our team - they couldn’t concentrate, they couldn’t think straight.’ He said, ‘Playing in your stadium, the way you guys played and the electricity of the fans,’ he said, ‘it was four hours of hell.’ I swear to God.”

I mean, that’s just amazing to hear. Now, you can have a shirt that talks about exactly that.

BreakingT has created this shirt to commemorate the newest moniker for Citizens Bank Park. Folks, I have to say - this one looks like a keeper.

You can check that and all of their other things out by clicking here on this link.