Pun Production & the '23 Phillies...

I'm concerned about pun production and this year's team. With the departure of Jeurys Familia last year the Phandom suffered a loss in pun potential. Familia is a potential HoFer for puns allowed because there are puns workable on both of his names. Now most of the responsibility has fallen on Falter. In 2022 The Phillies also lost pun prospects Moniak and Roman Quinn.

New pitcher Taijuan Walker is almost too easy. There are not-so-good ways you can bring the pun home with Wheeler, Ranger, Turner and Stubbs, maybe Painter, Hall, Cave, Appel, Muzz, Marchan, Toffey if they make the team. I've stretched for the Toffey pun when he had a cup of Toffey flavored coffee last year with the team. The Cave and Caveman outfield might happen in Spring Training. If Song or Abels were to make the team, that would go far to en Abels pun production for a Song since neither are expensive.

I'm not suggesting we should trade, draft or develop based on names, but it would be good to avoid the desperate situation of settling for groaners like Bryce-eroni.