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“Atta boy, Harper!” was always going to be a shirt

You knew this was coming

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As soon as the news broke, you could almost feel the printing presses firing up (do they still use printing presses for shirts?). It was a quote from the gods to those who design the shirts.

Now, there was no real need to say this type of thing about Bryce Harper. Doing so is simply courting the baseball gods to smite you. Whether or not Orlando Arcia said it with the intention of it getting out is beside the point. When you’re in a room full of reporters who are looking for things to write about, a quote that is mocking one of the best players in the game just isn’t that wise.

So of course you can now wear merchandise that commemorates the occasion!

As always, you can click on this link to head to The Good Phight store on BreakingT for this and any other merchandise you’d like to get.