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Rise and Phight: 10/13/2023

Always believed that was going to happen

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MLB: NLDS-Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Neve a doubt.

Never thought even once that the Braves were going to win that series. They’ll blame any number of things - the long layoff, no third starter, a manager that fell asleep at the wheel multiple times - before they acknowledge the fact that they were beaten by the better team. Are the playoffs a different animal than the regular season? Sure. Of course they are. But if you as an organization aren’t able to build your roster accordingly, that’s on you.

There was no phase of the game in which the Phillies didn’t outplay the Braves during the NLDS. It was all advantage Philadelphia. You’ll hear so much this winter and next season about how they’ll use it as motivation, how it’ll fuel them, blah blah blah. The fact is: until the Braves actually beat the Phillies in a postseason series, the Phillies are the better October team and that’s all that matters.

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