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Now you can wear The Stare

I hate the word, but that is an iconic moment

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The afterglow of this Phillies victory is going to live on for a while. As we all await Monday’s start time against the Diamondbacks, there is nothing wrong with looking back a bit at the moment that changed the series for good.

Watching Bryce Harper launch a baseball back to Camden to give the Phillies a three run lead on Wednesday was great in its own right, but watching him stare down Orlando Arcia as he rounded second base made for theatricality that you can’t buy. It’s pettiness to a different degree. It’s the awakening of a playoff beast that let the Phillies waltz to a defense of their National League title.

And now, you can show how much you loved it by getting a shirt that, quite frankly, is one of the better designs of the moment.

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