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Playoffs mean new merchandise from BreakingT


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The playoffs have begun and what a way to start them. Citizens Bank Park was in such a frenzy that Eduardo Perez, one of the announcing trio ESPN has sent to cover the series, was effusive in his praise of the environment the following morning. It’s quite a place to experience during the playoffs if one has not done so.

BreakingT is starting to get some merchandise up to celebrate these playoffs with two new designs for your enjoyment.

The first one has to do with the catchphrase that has been taking over the city for almost a year now, something we hope becomes an annual tradition every October.

The second shirt has to do with the hype video Garrett Stubbs was in, using this quote to....well....get us hyped.

You can grab this and any other merchandise to complete your collection by clicking on this link.

Go Phillies!