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Weekend open thread

What do we want to talk about this weekend?

Syndication: Arizona Republic Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

This weekend, we celebrate veterans who have served in our country’s military during this lives. We’ll have some writing about that, but for now - thank you for your service.

There seems to be a little more smoke to the Phillies bringing back Aaron Nola as opposed to losing him to free agency.

One of the time honored traditions of the offseason is to read way too much into whatever an executive says. Here, we can read too much into the last part of this quote - “soon”. What does that mean? Is there an agreement already made, they’re just dotting i’s and crossing t’s? Does the team have a strong sense that a deal will get done and that it’s just a matter of time? These are interesting times, friends. The last thing we’d want to hear is about how the Phillies have pivoted from Nola to someone far worse.