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Rise and Phight: 11/14/2023

It’s getting a little slow these days

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Championship Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Seven Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

There are only a few trickles of news these days. We had the GM meetings last week, but they ended early thanks to someone not washing their hands enough. Now with the awards coming out, we’ll likely have to wait a bit more for some substantial news to come out.

Today is a big day in terms of the roster. Teams have to decide which eligible players to place on their 40-man roster lest they be exposed to the Rule 5 draft in December. There are some candidates for this designation for the Phillies, such as:

  • Carlos de la Cruz and his right-handed ability to handle three of four corners
  • Oliver Dunn, AFL highlight and his ability to play on the dirt and the grass
  • Matt Kroon, also an AFL standout
  • David Parkinson and Noah Skirrow, starting pitching depth

The chances that one or any of these guys getting placed on the roster is small, but we don’t really know what the team is thinking. We’ll know soon enough.

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