Yamamoto vs Nola

The more I think about this the more I think the Phillies would be better to sign Yoshinobu Yamamoto. Nola struggled most of 2023, He seemed to have issues adjusting to the pitch clock. He got better for a short time in September and early in the playoffs but reverted back to leaving too many pitches in the middle of the plate and not putting guys away with two strikes in the last game he pitched for the Phillies. I am worried that Nola's problems might be the beginning of a downward trend for him. He wants at least a five-year contract and I do not trust going that long with him. Yoshinobu Yamamoto is 25. He should be getting stronger over the next five years. To me, it makes more sense to give him 20+ million a year for five to eight years than chancing that Nola will not decline over a five-year contract. I thought the Phillies would go after Hader to replace Krimbel, but I wonder if they plan to use Alvardo in that role and use Josh Fleming as another left-handed arm in the bullpen instead. Hader does not like to pitch multiple innings and that may be why the Phillies are not interested.