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TGP writer interview: Jason Polinsky

Get to know another one of our writers via some stupid questions.

Tampa Bay Rays v Philadelphia Phillies
Is a cheesesteak a sandwich?
Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

It’s time to get to know another one of our fine writers at The Good Phight via a series of stupid questions. This time up, it’s our resident enthusiast of both prospects and sandwiches: Jason Polinsky.

Jason Polinsky

When and how did you start writing at TGP?

I’ve always been a baseball prospect nut and religiously followed the former TGP writer Taco Pal’s minor league roundups on the site. Back in 2013, I noticed that Taco Pal had stopped doing them. Being the obsessive-compulsive person I was, I started doing FanPosts of my own with updates. This caught the eye of former Supreme Blog Lord, Liz Roscher, who asked if I wanted to do it officially for the site. Here I am, 10 years later.

Favorite Phillies moment since you’ve been here?

Easily the moment Bryce Harper signed with the Phillies. Our TGP Slack Chat BLEW UP and was filled with incontrollable excitement and swearing.

Favorite writer - past or present - at TGP?

We’ve had so many good ones that it feels wrong to single anyone out. However, former Blog Lord Justin Klugh has never made me laugh more when reading his pieces. They were funny, thoughtful and intelligent. Other former writers like Cormican’s draft previews and Leo Morgenstern’s analysis were some of the best. Current writers I love in my unbiased opinion are current Lordling Ethan Witte and our favorite literate horse, Smarty Jones.

Have you ever been too drunk to fish?

Sir, I don’t think I’ve been fishing since I’ve been of age.

What Major League player never played for the Phillies, but it felt like he should have?

He won’t ever play for them, but definitely Mike Trout. He would be treated similarly to Claude Giroux, a cornerstone and future Hall of Fame player, who would be hated by a certain section of the fanbase for never getting them that championship.

Los Angeles Angels v. Oakland Athletics
Mike Trout: Shoula been a Phillie?
Photo by Loren Elliott/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Who is the greatest racehorse of all time?

Most certainly Hidalgo, from the movie Hidalgo.

Best YouTube clip of all time?

Probably this clip of Harry Kalas punching a Mets fan.

Rank the city’s four coaches in order of:

A. How much you like them personally.

B. How confident you are that they can win a title.

A. Thomson, Sirianni, Nurse, Tortorella.

B. The first two have both nearly done it and with some better luck, can and should do so within the next 2-3 years.

Nurse is a wildcard and so much of it comes down to a healthy and dominant Embiid in the playoffs. Nurse has a title, so I’m optimistic.

Tortorella hasn’t won a title in 20 years and the NHL loves to recycle coaches because there are only 30-40 in the entire world that can do so. Torts has shown some success so far, but when it gets to years 4-5 with the org his schtick wears thin and he is fired.

If you could erase one Phillie from history (his contributions or lack thereof would have never happened) who would it be and why?

I would without a doubt erase Odubel Herrera. Having to go from defending him early in his career to being on the other end in his latter half was exhausting. It would have been better never knowing his name.

Anything else you’d like to share?

If you follow me on social media or Broad Street Hockey (, you’ll notice I love sandwiches. I’m always looking for new and interesting places to try or replicate in my own kitchen. Don’t ever be afraid to share your suggestions.

Thanks to Jason for humoring me, and if you’re not already, you can follow him on the X at Jay_Poozle