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MLB: Game Two-San Diego Padres at Philadelphia Phillies

Let’s make a trade!

Proposals from you, dear reader, for us to discuss

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There’s no point in burying the lede. We put out a call on the ol’ Twitt—, er, X machine for your best trade scenario ideas. Let’s see what you, the reader, have come up with as far as what you like the Phillies to acquire and who you’d like them to send out in return.

It was only a few days ago that Jeff Passan wrote that the Guardians were entertaining offers on Emmanuel Clase and would move him if the price was right. He being a right-handed reliever who could be trusted to close out games, naturally, he’s a fit for the Phillies. Our SBNation friends at Covering the Corner wrote about what the team should be looking for in return for Clase and while some of the ideas are tongue-in-cheek, they still lay out a rough framework of a deal. In a nutshell, if you’re a team that isn’t offering at least an outfielder with a solid bat, move along.

Knowing that, the above package will be exceedingly light.

If we’re being honest, it looks like the team missed the boat on trading McGarry while his value was at his highest as now he looks like a reliever at best. A team like Cleveland, with a track record of molding pitchers into useful major league arms in some role, might see value in him, but probably as no more than a third piece in a deal for Clase. Rincones had a nice season this year and closed it out by putting himself on the map in the Arizona Fall League, but he’s probably no more than a wild card at this point. Ethan Wilson is almost a non-prospect and Rodolfo Castro is already that.

While stranger things could happen, any deal for Clase that doesn’t include two of Mick Abel, Aidan Miller and Justin Crawford likely isn’t happening. Even then, I’m not sure Cleveland couldn’t find a better package of prospects from someone else.

Folks, I’m begging you.

Please stop creating trade scenarios for Mike Trout. He’s not getting traded to the Phillies or anyone else and if he was, Anaheim isn’t paying half the salary still owed to him.

It’ll be better for your health once you realize that Trout is never leaving Anaheim. Maybe in his old age, desperate for a World Series, he might beg the Angels to let him go, but it ain’t happening now.

What Milwaukee decides to do with Burnes is going to be one of the more talked about parts of the offseason. There is an argument for them to deal him now as his value might not get much higher since teams acquiring him would get him for a full season. There is an argument for moving him at the deadline when teams are desperate and might throw a bit more into the pot. There is also the argument for keeping him and making one last run at the division, especially with Jackson Chourio apparently coming on board to begin the season.

But if they decide to move him, if they decide to cash in now for pieces to help beyond 2024....I still don’t think this is enough.

Abel is a good prospect. Is he an ace like Burnes? Probably not, but he’s probably good enough to be a #3 starter in the majors. There’s value in that. Crawford, I talked about the other day. His underlying metrics suggest there needs to be a lot more growth before he becomes what the team envisioned when they drafted him. And my ideas on McGarry are known at this point - the team should have sold high on him before everyone else saw he’s not a starter. Now, if Milwaukee were to value the three of them higher than we do from the outside, sure, this deal would give the team the best 1-2-3 punch in the game.

It’s just unlikely they do.

DAVE DOMBROWSKI: <texts Matt Arnold, Brewers GM> Hey Matt, how’s it going? I have an offer here for Devin Williams. what are you thinking?






DOMBROWSKI: Matt? anything?


This one got me thinking.

With Dusty Baker gone and McCormick likely out of the doghouse in Houston, what’s his status with the team? There was friction last year on the team between Baker and the front office over McCormick’s sitting on the bench, but Baker is gone. Does the team want him in an every day role?

The answer should be a resounding “yes.”

A 133 wRC+ in 2023, 3.8 fWAR, projected to make only roughly $3 million, possessing two more years of team control and you think the Phillies could get him for a fifth starter, a shortstop prospect that can barely dent a baseball when he makes contact and an outfield prospect that isn’t all that good?

Better aim higher, friend-o.

Want to take a wild guess who the most popular trade target was?

I have moved firmly into the camp of “trade anything for Soto.” I don’t care about an extension or anything like that. You have a generational hitter like Soto, you make the deal, don’t think twice and worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

Now, take a look at some of the reported packages San Diego is asking for.

The Padres are seeking a big, multi-player return for Soto, including major-league-ready or near major-league-ready pitching, according to an official with one of the clubs interested. It also is possible the Padres will accept lower-level prospects if they believe those pitchers are sufficiently talented...From the Yankees, the Padres’ targets include Clarke Schmidt, who had a 4.64 ERA in 159 innings last season, and Michael King, who is a sell-high candidate after producing a 1.88 ERA in eight starts at the end of the season...From the Blue Jays, the Padres could seek a package including one or more pitchers from a group that includes top prospect Ricky Tiedemann, Bowden Francis and Alek Manoah.

If these reports are true, it’s hard to see the Phillies being able to put together a package to compete with that. They could if they wanted to; I just don’t know if they do.

It’s so hard to make logical trades for players likes these ones mentioned. While we can read as many prospect lists as we want, they’re always incomplete pictures of the players. Without all of the under the hood information the team already has, we can’t know what they’d seek in return.

It’s still fun to do, though.

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