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Commercial fun with Pete Rose and Kool-Aid

Want to see the Hit King stymied by a sentient pitcher of liquid?

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies
It’s hot, where’s the Kool-Aid?
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for yet another old commercial featuring a former Phillie!

I’ve previously discussed one of Pete Rose’s commercials during his time with the Phillies, but his advertising days didn’t stop when he left town. Here he is starring in an ad for Kool-Aid that aired in 1986:

I have to congratulate myself for uncovering perhaps the most 80’s thing ever created. You’ve got kids playing not just baseball, but RADICAL baseball! Neon bats, flipping catches, and kids playing guitars for no other reason than that’s what cool people did back then.

All this flipping and guitar playing has understandably made the kids thirsty, so they call for their friend Kool-Aid Man to cool them down. Except, oops! He crashed through the wall of the wrong stadium and perhaps robbed Pete Rose of an extra base hit. (Considering the small size of the stadium, it really feels like one of the outfielders should have been able to make the catch.)

Kool-Aid Man realizes his mistake, and never one to turn down the opportunity to ruin another wall, he bursts into the kids’ stadium this time. It’s Kool-Aid for everyone, and darned if these kids don’t look satisfied.

I can only hope to one day appear this satisfied by my drink.

Rose then shows up, and I can only assume he was annoyed because Kool-Aid Man’s catch cost the Reds the game, and more importantly, ruined Rose’s parlay. He doesn’t seem all that angry with Kool-Aid Man though, so either Rose was being a particularly good sport about all this, or maybe he recognized what an opportunity this is.

Rose probably realized that having a giant, living pitcher of Kool-Aid interrupting games is better than any point shaving scheme he could have come up with. I would have loved to see a follow up to this spot where Rose and Kool-Aid Man embark on a White Men Can’t Jump-style hustling tour.

If this commercial was made today, I imagine the good people at Kool-Aid would not have invited Pete Rose to hang around a bunch of underage children advertised as “Hot Kids.”

Then again, I would have also thought that the Phillies organization wouldn’t have made him a welcome guest at stadium celebrations, but here we are! Let’s just hope Kool-Aid had some responsible chaperones on hand.