A Mix of Younger Players with Current Stars Key to Phillies Success

Dave Dombrowski has the right idea by mixing younger players with more veteran stars on the Phillies roster. Stott, Bohm, Marsh, and Rojas played a key role in the Phillies' success in 2023. Going forward Stott needs to stop trying too hard to hit home runs and lay off high pitches like he did for most of the year and he could hit 300, score 100 runs, steal 3o to 4o bases, and still hit up to 16 home runs. Bohn has come a long way. He needs to keep up what he did in 2023. More home runs will come over time. The key things with him are his defense at third bases and his clutch hitting which could lead to 100 RBIs in 2024. Marsh is solid defensively and has shown he can hit, especially against right-hand pitching. He should be the regular left fielder except for possibly when given a day off against left-hand pitchers. Rojas is the best defensive centerfielder in the game right now and one of the all-time best defensive centerfielders. He has the potential to be a real star. The key things for Rojars to do are to hit the ball to all fields, be patient and walk as much as possible, and improve his butting skills to the point that he can use them as a weapon for an infield hit. If he can get base enough, he could steal 40 to 50 bases. Sanchez has stepped up to be a solid fourth or fifth starter. Kerkering has the potential to be a setup man and spot closer to replace Kimbrel. I would like to see Kerkering use his 87 mph fastball more in good locations to set up his killer slider. He cannot just throw slider after slider. A mix of fastballs in good locations and the slider down in the strike zone could make him hit almost unhittable. Carlos De La Cruz might be a good addition to play left field against left-hand pitchers, 1b against lefty hand pitchers when Harper can use a rest or he can DH instead of Swarber at DH against left-hand-pitchers early in the season when Swarber tends to struggle. The key with him is for him to work on patience when batting, strike out less, and walk more. He could be a better bat off the bench and still provide solid defense and speed in the outfield over Pache. Pache needs to work on his hitting. The first part of the year he had it figured out but at the end of the year he was swinging too hard and missing. Muzziott be a better option than Cave for an extra left-handed outfielder and pinch hitter. Sosa is a solid defender for backing up in the infield. Cleamons might be another possible left-handed infielder and pinch hitter. If Carlos De La Cruz plays to his potential down the road he could be the regular left fielder or even replace Swarber at DH when he gets too old or to replace Castellanous. Justin Crawford should be an outfielder of the future that might also replace Castellanos. Maybe long term it could be Crawford in the right field, Rojas in the center field, and De La Cruz in the left field if things go the right way in the future. Hall is a long shot to be a replacement for Swarber down the road at DH or to split time with Harper at first base and DH. If Abel can control his pitches better he could be a replacement for Walker in 2024. Walker has to fix his first innings to be a fourth or fifth starter. He also seems to wear down in August which is a problem. Andrew Painter is a possible fourth or fifth starter in 2025 if he comes back from Tommy John surgery strong. I have no idea what to do with Matt Kroon at third base unless Bohm gets hurt. Both Kroon and Hall are in a tough spot. Hall's only real chance to play is if Harper or Swarbe get hurt and because of that possibility the Phillies need to hold on to him Kroon's only chance is to replace Bohm if Bohm gets injured and the Phillies need to hold on to him for just in case of an injury to Bohm. I am not sure what to do with Watson either. Maybe he could be a better right-hand off-the-bench First Base and Left Field opinion? Castro needs to go to AAA in my opinion, give up switch-hitting, and concentrate on hitting right-handed.