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Phillies extend Seranthony Dominguez for two more years

Cost control is a beautiful thing

World Series - Houston Astros v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Five Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

With one final piece of bookkeeping business left for the season, the Phillies made sure that it was finalized before the first official day of spring training.

Of course, any time you see a player agree to that kind of deal, the parameters are somewhat murky, but apparently, the team and player found terms that were palatable for both parties.

Coming off of missing so much time thanks to an elbow injury, the pandemic and surgery being put off for a while, the team was super cautious with Dominguez to begin the season. Joe Girardi wasn’t thrusting him into high leverage situations right away as he was still finding his way back. Once he found that way back, Dominguez turned into one of the more dominant relievers in the game. There was a stretch in 2022 from May 8 to September 13 where Dominguez threw 36 23 innings and only allowed a 0.98 ERA, striking out 45 batters and walking only 12.

Once the postseason dawned, Dominguez became the fulcrum of a bullpen that was deployed according to situation, Rob Thomson not hesitating to use whatever reliever fit whatever situation was needed.

It’s a good deal for both player and team. Dominguez gets paid and the team has cost certainty for the next two seasons. It’s likely this deal looks like an absolute bargain in short order though.