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Rise and Phight: 2/17/2023

A day to feel old and then to feel old again

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Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Tim McCarver passed away yesterday, one of the better people in the game. I know that many people were fans of Joe Buck and McCarver in the broadcast booth, but I happen to have found them among the best. Could be that I grew up with them, therefore they just seemed like the smartest people in the room, but the more you listen to old broadcasts, the better McCarver sounds.

He was also a really good baseball player. I think people forget how good he was, playing in four decades in the game thanks to his debuting in 1959 as a 17 year old kid. A two-time All-Star, he finished with 28.7 bWAR and a 102 OPS+. He’ll always be remembered around here as Steve Carlton’s personal catcher, which inspired the famous quote:

“When Steve and I die, they’ll bury us 60’ 6” apart.”

He’ll be missed.

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