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Rise and Phight: 2/21/2023

The jobs, they are in demand

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MLB: Spring Training-Philadelphia Phillies Workouts Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday’s news of the day was Edmundo Sosa getting reps in center field. Now, with the trade of Matt Vierling to the Tigers, this kind of move might be embraced by a team that looks like they love versatility on their bench. But with Daulton Guthrie already on the roster, one might question the sanity of the experiment with Sosa. After all, he’s going to be expected to get the lion’s share of defensive replacement duties with the occasional start here and there.

That’s just it though, the versatility. There is nothing wrong with having players able to play in different spots on the field. Heck, they’re even trying out Darick Hall in the corner outfield spots. How do you think that’s going to go? No, having Sosa get some work in center field is good for everyone. The team has another tool in its kit to use if needed, Sosa makes himself more indispensable and everyone goes home happy.

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