Spring Training at the Half-way point (16 of 31 games played)

Phillies 8-7-1 6th/15 in the Grapefruit League & 11th in the MLB.. (not that it matters)

Phillies among the MLB leaders:

Alec Bohm is 3rd among qualifying hitters in OPS with 1.146

Darick Hall & Edmundo Sosa tied with many others for home run lead (4)

Jake Cave is tied with other players for the lead in Triples with 2

All Phillies hitters with 15 at bats in MLB ST & WBC combined by OPS

E Sosa AB 19 .526/.609/1.211 OPS 1.820 SB 1 HR 4 Team, MLB lead in HR

J Cave AB 24 .458/.519/.958 OPS 1.477 SB 1 HR 2 Team, MLB lead in triples

D Hall AB 26 .346/.414/.846 OPS 1.260 SB 0 HR 4 Team, MLB lead in HR

S Kingery AB 21 .476/.542/.619 OPS 1.161 SB 1 HR 1

A Bohm AB 29 .345/.387/.759 OPS 1.146 SB 1 HR 3

K Schwarber AB 13 .308/.438/.615 OPS 1.053 SB 0 HR 1

SchwarberWBCAB 3 .333/.600/1.333 OPS 2.000 SB 0 HR 1

--------------------1.000 OPS -----------------------

K Clemens AB 22 .318/.348/.636 OPS .984 SB 1 HR 2

A Garcia AB 15 .267/.353/.600 OPS .953 SB 0 HR 1

W Toffey AB 15 .333/.353/.600 OPS .953 SB 0 HR 1

T Turner AB 12 .278/.350/.444 OPS .794 SB 0 HR 1

Turner WBC AB 4 .250/.400/.250 OPS .650 SB 0 HR 0

R Hoskins AB 18 .278/.350/.444 OPS .794 SB 0 HR 1

J Hicks AB 18 .333/.333/.444 OPS .777 SB 1 HR 0

J Harrison AB 20 .200/.238/.450 OPS .688 SB 1 HR 1

---------------------.650 OPS -----------------------

J Ortiz AB 17 .235/.235/.412 OPS .647 SB 0 HR 1

J Rojas AB 18 .167/.250/.278 OPS .528 SB 2 HR 0

B Marsh AB 25 .200/.286/.240 OPS .526 SB 0 HR 0

B Stott AB 25 .160/.192/.320 OPS .512 SB 2 HR 1

N Castellanos AB 23 .087/.276/.217 OPS .493 SB 0 HR 1

S Muzziotti AB 19 .168/.158/.211 OPS .369 SB 1 HR 0

D Guthrie AB 23 .130/.130/.174 OPS .304 SB 0 HR 0

G Stubbs AB 13 .077/.077/.154 OPS .231 SB 0 HR 0

Stubbs WBC AB 5 .400/.400/.600 OPS 1.0 SB 0 HR 0

not enough at bats: JT Realmuto, R Marchan

All Phillies Pitchers with 4 IP in MLB ST & WBC combined by WHIP

J Alvarado IP 3 HR 0 SO 4 WHIP 0.00

Alvarado WBC IP 1 HR 0 SO 2 WHIP 2.00

M Moore IP 4.2 HR 0 SO 7 WHIP .21

C Brogdon IP 4 HR 1 SO 6 WHIP .25

Y Marte IP 5 HR 1 SO 5 WHIP .60

J Walker IP 4 HR 0 SO 3 WHIP .69

S Dominguez IP 5 HR 1 SO 5 WHIP .80

L Ortiz IP 5 HR 0 SO 5 WHIP .80

A Vasquez IP 4.2 HR 0 SO 8 WHIP .86 tied with Strikeout lead

--------------------- 1.0 WHIP -----------------------

J McArthur IP 5 HR 1 SO 6 WHIP 1.0 assigned to minor league camp

E Uelmen IP 5 HR 2 SO 3 WHIP 1.0

A Nola IP 8 HR 0 SO 4 WHIP 1.13

A Bellatti IP 5 HR 0 SO 5 WHIP 1.20

C Kimbrel IP 4 HR 0 SO 8 WHIP 1.25 tied with strikeout lead

M Plassmeyer IP 7 HR 0 SO 4 WHIP 1.71

--------------------- 2.0 WHIP -----------------------

L Head IP 5 HR 2 2o 2 WHIP 2.20

Z Wheeler IP 6.1 HR 2 SO 4 WHIP 2.21

B Falter IP 6.1 HR 2 SO 8 WHIP 2.37 tied with strikeout lead

J Jewell IP 4.1 HR 1 SO 2 WHIP 3.69

Not enough innings: R Suarez, T Walker, G Soto, C Sanchez, M Strahm, N Nelson, A Painter, M Abel, G McGarry

It's still early. Last year's Spring Training leaders were Stott & Moniak and spring wasn't indicative of their season and Schwarber was dreadful in spring and he led the league in homers.

The standouts among the hitters are pretty obvious: Bohm, Sosa, Cave, Hall, Kingery and Schwarber. Clemens has hit well. Sosa's glove and performance last year guarantees him a spot - perhaps the first spot on the bench anyway. Hall's spring performance, coupled with his excellent work last year, probably locks him in. That leaves only one place for Cave, Kingery, Clemens or Guthrie. Clemens is redundant to Hall and Guthrie has to hit better. So maybe it will be Cave, considering he is a veteran who is more of an outfielder than Kingery and has four homers, unless Thomson just wants another RHB. It's good to see Stubbs hit well in the WBC and it's good to see Garcia (who may be hitting his way to 3rd catcher) hit well in spring training.

Marsh & Stott have not (hit that well), but the real worry is with Castellanos (who is trying really hard - 2nd in at bats), and Guthrie's performance is nearly heartbreaking considering how promising his hitting was last year and his hype was over the off-season. Many of the hitters have been playing half games and prospects / minor leaguers have been coming in around the at first the 4th and now the 6th to finish. A few like Bohm, Castellanos, Cave, Hall, have been getting every at bat they can. Jhailyn Ortiz, Johan Rojas, & SImon Muzziotti have all been sent to the minor league camp. We may se more of them or C DeLaCruz, Lee, etc. but less as the days click towards opening day.

Among pitchers, the Phillies just reassigned Abel, Baker, Duplaintier, McArthur, Morales, & Sullivan to the minor league camp, so pitchers, at least will start to get more "stretched out" kind of work. I think the core relievers and the bullpen candidates will get more regular every three days work and the starters will start pitching four and five innings soon.

Among the potential starters - it's easy to get a bad impression not seeing any in the first group and only Nola & Plassmeyer in the second. But Wheeler and Falter have done some good work, Falter leads the the team in strikeouts. He's given up some hits and homers and walks, but sometimes he looks good. Plassmeyer has also pitched okay. We've not seen much from Walker & Suarez, but I think we can take some heart from the early work of Nola, Plassmeyer, Wheeler, & Falter. I think the team may break camp with six starters and keep Falter & Plassmeyer. It may be necessary to keep Plassmeyer if Suarez starts the season on the IL.

Among the relievers, Alvarado, Brogdon, Dominguez & Kimbrel have been downright impressive in the small samples they've pitched, and that's half the staff. Bellatti has pitched okay too. Among the others Marte, Ortiz, Moore, Vasquez, Uelmen have all pitched well, and McArthur. There really isn't much bullpen room for any of them though. I like Vasquez.

I don't know what's up with Nelson but his time is running thin to win a bullpen or starter spot, and spring training time has run out on any of the Cinderella stories of Painter, Abel, McGarry or Song. But it's a long season and there will be other balls for them to dance in, Painter and Song may yet play a role.