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Rise and Phight: 3/24/2023

I mean, what else are we talking about?

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MLB: Spring Training-Detroit Tigers at Philadelphia Phillies Dave Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

There really is only one piece of news dominating the Phillies right now and that’s Rhys Hoskins. By now, you know of his torn ACL that will require surgery, likely ending his season though that has been decided as of this publishing time. It’s a huge blow to a team that has already seen some decent sized setbacks in the form of Andrew Painter and Ranger Suarez. On an offense that is already missing Bryce Harper for quite a while, losing Hoskins isn’t the news that we wanted to hear.

There has been some talk about how to replace him already, but let’s just let the dust settle for right now. We’ll have more on this throughout the day.

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