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TGP 2023 Season Predictions

Who nails it this season?

National League Championship Series Game 4: San Diego Padres v. Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Here we are, once again trying to accurately predict how an MLB season is going to shake out. The 2022 season was a wild one and I’m not sure anyone could have seen what the Phillies were able to do once they got into the playoffs. How will this shape the collective perceptions of the TGP staff? Lets dive in shall we...

Playoff Teams

This year the entire staff has the Phillies making the playoffs, which could not be said last year. A World Series appearance will tend to do that, huh? Most believe that the NL East will be the powerhouse of the National League with the Mets and Braves snagging either the division or Wild Card spots.

The rest of the NL sees the Padres finally taking the crown as the NL West darlings and the Cardinals edging out the Brewers.

The writers seem torn on who wins the tightly contested AL East with the Yankees and Blue Jays battling it out. Everyone knows the Astros are the team to beat in the AL West and the AL Central is anybody’s game with the Guardians, Twins and White Sox all getting some votes. A constant among AL Wild Card picks is the Mariners who broke out of their 20 year slump to be an actual contender? Sign me up because I would love to see a team take it to the Astros for once.

Playoff Outcomes

Not to toot my own horn, but I was the only one to show the real homer-ism and predicting the Phillies reach the World Series last year (which I had them winning, womp womp). This year we have many more brave souls seeing the Fightin’s reach the Fall Classic. Some folks have the Padres winning and I can think of few things, outside of a Braves WS victory, that would make me sadder.

End of Season Awards

Here we get to the fun stuff that feels largely unpredictable because so many things can happen. The Trea Turner Squad is out in force among our writers and I...don’t hate it? Turner looked excellent in the World Baseball Classic and if it is any indication of what is coming, this might be a slam dunk pick.

A lot of folks picked the Braves’ Spencer Strider as an NL Cy Young pick and I hate them all (kidding...maybe). Aside from Max Fried, has a young hot-shot Braves pitching prospect ever stayed good? Ynoa, Newcomb, Toussaint, Wilson, Soroka, Folty, Gohara, Allard, and Wisler to just name a few. I won’t be convinced he is that good until he does it again.

Phillies Predictions

Perhaps my favorite set of predictions are the Phillies specific ones. This is where we see a, mostly, larger set of diverse opinions among our staff. Who do we think is going to breakout among Phillies prospects? What will the Big 3 pitching prospects do this season for the club, if anything? Disclaimer We made those Painter predictions before the unfortunate news, which might hinder that category null and void.

How do you think the staff did? What are your predictions? Drop those in the comments and we’ll look back on these at the end of the season and grade appropriately.

Welcome back baseball and most importantly, Go Phils.