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Andrew Painter’s elbow has a hurty

I’m begging you, baseball gods….

Philadelphia Phillies Photo Day Photo by Mike Carlson/MLB Photos via Getty Images

We just can’t have nice things. That’s all there is to it.

Anytime you have someone who can hurl a leather wrapped sphere close to 100 miles per hour with regularity, you hold your breath that everything stays together. When that person is of a tender age, you hold your breath even longer.

This report is going to cause a lot of concern amongst those in the fan base, but I’d urge you to be patient. This is the team’s number one prospect, one that is well regarded around the game. He could get bitten by a mosquito is a weird spot and the team would probably shut him down for a few days out of extreme caution. Painter is auditioning for a job in the major leagues. He probably let it go just a hair too much and his body wasn’t ready.

Or he could need Tommy John surgery.

Either way, I’d say to stay patient and wait for the results. Does this push him down the depth chart for that final rotation spot? Maybe. There’s still lots of time in the spring for him to get back up to speed. Let’s all just breathe a second and relax.

Now excuse me while I go pour myself a nice tall glass of bleach.