Blue Claws at Grasshoppers (12 May 2023)

Got to go see the High A ball team last night. Gotta love the ability to get seats right behind the dugout for $12 a piece and $5 parking right across the street.

Walked in and immediately headed to the store to see if anything cool. They had a JT Realmuto jersey on display; didn't realize he'd come through there when the Grasshoppers were a Florida affiliate (they're Pittsburgh now). Walked out with a solid orange hat with the green grasshopper logo on it.

When it comes to low A ball, odds are you *shouldn't* really know too many of the guys I'd think. A few who are playing well, and a couple high draft picks working their way up, but otherwise, probably a lot of org filler. I knew the top four in the lineup, Casey Martin, Hao Yu Lee, Kendall Simmons, and Marcus Lee Sang. After that, it was 27 guys who've never been in my kitchen.

Opposing pitcher couldn't find the strike zone at the start. 3-0 to Martin who rocketed a 3-1 pitch by the SS for a leadoff single, he promptly stole second. Walks to Lee and Simmons followed. Bases loaded, nobody out. Sang K'd looking and had a minor beef with the HP ump but walked away unscathed. After another K, this was looking like a wasted opportunity, but Leandro Pineda hit one back through the middle to plate two. The CFer bobbled the ball and it should've plated three, but Pineda had the play in front of him and saw the bobble and kept moving, whereas Simmons was given the STOP sign as he rounded third. Pineda was hung out to dry, so Simmons took off for home to at least draw the throw and he was thrown out rather easily.

In the bottom of the first, Osterburg got a quick out, an E-5 plated another, thn he had some trouble finding the zone before putting another guy on, and promptly surrendered a 3 run dinger just instead the RF foul pole to Hunter Head.

From there on, there were some opportunities here and there, but Greensboro took advantage moreso than did JS.

Player observations:

Martin looked decent and even a little cocky. The folks behind me were mocking his pornstache. He snagged a rocket of a line drive, made a couple nice plays, but also booted one himself.

Kendall Simmons seemed like he was on base every time he came up. Checking the box score...he was 2-4 with a walk (and 2Ks).

Ruffcorn was throwing some gas for a bit but ran into trouble. Jordi Martinez looked impressive; 2 IP, 1 H, 3K.

Great stadium; I liked Winston-Salem a little better a couple years ago. I hope to explore Hickory or Asheville next year.