Falter not the answer for 5th Starter

Baily Falter has become to predicable to be effective. The league knows if his pitch is up it is a fastball. If his pitch is down it is an offspeed pitch. As a result, the opposition is able to tee off on his pitches. Baily Falter needs to be sent down to the minors to work on throwing a second fastball. He needs to be able to throw a two-seam sinker fastball in order to make his offspeed pitches effective. The high four-seam fastball will become more effective as well with this combination. For now, I suggest putting Strahm back into the 5th starter position while Falter gets his act together at AAA. When Alvarado comes off the IL, that will be the ideal time to make this move. If Falter's turn comes up again before that, the Phillies will need to bring up Sanchez. The best time to think about moving Strahm back to the bullpen from the 5th starter will not likely come until Painter is available to be the 5th Starter.